Masters Research

I designed Aratotin in my research Masters degree. Aratotin is a typeface designed to investigate the typographic transition process that occurs in visually translating two scripts. The cultural trait of modern civilisation requires sensitive culture values merging together for effective mass communication for all, reflecting the concepts of globalisation. I designed Aratotin to work in a western market from an eastern culture, as enough cross over has occurred from the west to the east.

The reason I designed Aratotin was to investigate the lack of understanding of visually translated typefaces for global brands, and then to develop an effective process that can create an understanding of typefaces and branding when translating for multi-lingual communication. Then to propose systems of educating and implementing a culturally sensitive design approach of corporate design agencies for global branding. Aratotin is a typeface that questions further theories in the impact typographic design and language in-sensitivities has on consumer trends.

I designed the typeface using Diwani, which is an old free-flowing arabic calligraphy style. I deconstructed it to realise the rules and constrains of the script in Arabic, its proportions according to the rhombic dots as established by Ibn Muqlah. During the design process several aspects relating to written languages were considered including letter casing, serifs, and writing behaviours and traditions in both scripts. The typeface was deliberately designed lowercase as Arabic language works on one base line and curving ascenders and descenders similar to an arabic script.


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